6 Ways to Care For Your Aging Parents From a Distance

Are you struggling with how to care for aging parents while being a full time mom, dad, or employee? Balancing your own responsibilities while caring for your parents can be a monumental challenge. Perhaps you live in another city, you’re spread too thin with commitments to your own career or kids, your parents are self-isolating, […]

How to Actually Make Your Goals Happen

Flash back to the beginning of this year with me for a moment: You’re excited. You’re motivated. You’re optimistic about the year ahead. In the heat of your enthusiasm, you decide you want to be super-ambitious this year. And you set some big stretch goals((Harvard Business Review: The Stretch Goal Paradox)) for yourself. “It’s going […]

3 Mindfulness Techniques for Living in the Present Moment

Life on Earth is an expression of the present moment and a journey with a beginning and end. Living and creating it shapes the concepts of past and future. While reading this you shape a new understanding and create your next move. We’re about to tackle two of the most complex concepts of all: mindfulness […]

20 Values in Life That Will Lead You to Happiness and Success

Would you like more happiness and success in your life? Unless you’re Ebenezer Scrooge, then the answer is likely an emphatic “YES!” Happiness and success are things we naturally long for, so the thought of having as much of both as possible is exciting. The good news is, we can all maximize our happiness and […]

15 Best Father’s Day Gifts Your Father Won’t Buy On His Own

The most anticipated time of the year to say “thank you” to the beloved dads out there is about to come, and the quest for the best Father’s Day gifts is not an easy one. Considering the millions of products the market offers, how will you decide among them? Thankfully, we have compiled the best […]