The Lifehack Show: Mindset and the Impact on Success with Dr. Brian Lima

In this episode of the Lifehack Show, we talk with Dr. Brian Lima on why mindset matters most when it comes to success. Dr. Lima, who is a Cardiac Surgeon and author of the book Heart to Beat, shares the important lessons he learned about mindset as he built up his own career, against all […]

10 Best Protein Powder for Effective Weight Loss

Shredding the pounds can prove to be a daunting task for many individuals. Innumerable hours of grinding in the gym with the result of dropping a couple of kilos can certainly be discouraging. But with the appropriate diet, you can amplify these small numbers of weight loss to reach your desired goal. An essential ingredient […]

How to Be Committed to Your Goals Even During Hard Times

Learning how to be committed to your goals is as important as setting them. Anyone can set a goal—like losing weight, getting a new job, or beating a world record in hula hooping—but what happens when you reach a plateau? What if you face a family emergency that disrupts your lifestyle? What happens if economic […]