It took me a few starts and stops and changes of plans, but I finally landed on a wall design for the guest bedroom that I love! I ended up doing a DIY floral line drawing wall mural. It’s hand drawn, but here’s the secret. It’s incredibly easy because I used an overhead projector to project the design on the wall, and then just traced it onto the wall. First, let me show you the progress I’ve made so far, and then I’ll go back to the beginning and show you the steps. So far, here’s how the wall looks… I’m pretty sure I can finish it today, so hopefully I’ll have a finished wall to show you tomorrow. As I said, I used an overhead projector for this project. I bought a very inexpensive one a few years ago when I did the butterfly and branch design on the entryway wall. I think it was around $50 on Ebay. And after finding a design that I liked online, I had it printed on a transparency at FedEx Office. So I was ready to go. I set up my projector and the transparency with the design on one side of […]
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