Yesterday was a very good day. First, I arrived at my mom’s house and inspected the cabinet doors and found that while some of them needed additional sanding (since the moisture raised the grain of the plywood), none of them were ruined. So I was able to start painting the doors yesterday! And then when I got home, I found two packages from Spoonflower on the front porch. My wallpaper samples had arrived! I put each sample up in the guest bedroom and took pictures. You really have to use your imagination because everything in there is still drab and unfinished. But I needed to these wallpaper samples before I could make a decision on the paint color. And as I considered each of these sample, I also tried to imagine (1) what wall color I would use in the rest of the room, and (2) what color I could use on the upholstered headboard in front of the wallpaper. So let me show you the samples I ordered. Verdure Wildflowers – Blush Here’s how this wallpaper looked in the pictures on the website… The actual sample in the room seems to have a bit darker background, so the pink […]
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