I’ve been plugging away on the guest bedroom, and I finally got the accent wall painted yesterday in that gorgeous dark blue that I had color matched to the headboard fabric. I was ready to do the hand-drawn design, so I got out my overhead projector, turned it on, and it lasted for about five minutes before the light bulb burned out. Ugh!! And of course, no local store carries the particular light bulb I needed (a tiny thing called an EYB 360w bulb), so I had to order online, and they won’t be here until tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m having a hard time deciding exactly what I want to do. The mural design itself has been settled. I’m doing the line drawing floral design that I showed in this post. But what I’m not sure is if I want to do the “wallpaper” on the entire wall, or do a framed accent area on the wall, which is what I had originally planned. So here’s how the wall looks after I got it painted yesterday. The wall doesn’t have any trim on it because if I do decide to do the entire wall, I need my fat gold […]
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