I finally made my selections for the living room chairs and ceiling light! That chair decision was way more difficult than I thought it would be. I had narrowed down the options to eighteen chairs (which you can see here if you missed them), and while the blue chair with the gold legs from Home Depot was my favorite, I just couldn’t make myself press that “complete purchase” button on that blue chair or any of the other blue/teal chairs. Since I have so much teal in my house already, I was afraid that adding more would not only be overkill, but I would also run the risk of selecting one that would clash with the existing teals once I see it in person. As a reminder, the chairs are replacing these temporary chairs in the living room… And on the other side of that room is the area I call the entryway… And then through the doorway in the living room is my kitchen… So now that I’ve set the scene, let me show you which chairs I chose! I went with PURPLE! And I chose the deepest purple chairs I could find, which was this Corina Accent Chair… […]
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