So, the world is a bit different, huh? To say that the current situation has slowed progress on my mom’s kitchen would be an understatement. I think we’ve all been a bit pre-occupied lately. But we have made some progress, and it’s so close to being finished! There are still some pretty big things to do, but we’re definitely on the downhill slide towards the goal. So I thought I’d share our progress so far! We got 20 of the cabinet doors finished and installed, along with the new door pulls. It looks so different now! Here’s the window/sink wall… We don’t actually have the walls painted yet, but my mom did get some “cutting in” done a couple of days ago, so we can actually see what the new wall color will look like with the new cabinet color. The difference is amazing to me! Here’s a reminder of how this side of the kitchen looked originally… We removed the scalloped canopy around the window, made some very simple* new cabinet doors, added some new trim just above the cabinets, filled and sanded smooth the routed lines in the paneling above the cabinets, and took the paint color all […]
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