As of yesterday, we finally have paint on the cabinets in my mom’s kitchen. It’s always so exciting, after days and days of prep work, to finally be able to put that first coat of paint on the cabinets. We did only get one coat on yesterday, which means that today, I’ll be doing some light sanding and then painting the second (and hopefully final) coat, but I was so excited by the drastic change that the first coat brought about in my mom’s kitchen that I went ahead and took pictures so that I could show you today. First, let’s remember where this kitchen started. Here’s how the sink/window wall looked originally… And here’s the progress with the first coat of paint on the cabinets… Of course, the wall color will change, too. Right now, that’s still the original wall color, which looks very drab against the new cabinet color. We’ll be painting the walls a considerably lighter and more neutral color, like Behr Aged Beige. That will go a long way towards brightening up the room, and will be a beautiful backdrop for the green cabinet colors. Also, all of the insides of the cabinets have been primed, […]
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