Well, the world seems to have come to a screeching halt, but YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu are still here for us! 😀 As we’re trying to stay busy and keep ourselves entertained, I thought I’d pass along some of my favorite YouTube artists and makers that inspire me. My favorite YouTubers fall into two main categories — artists and makers. The artists obviously create art. The maker category consists of people who build furniture, create non-art resin projects, turn things on lathes, etc. So that’s how I’ll break down this list. Just click on the pictures to go right to each YouTube channel. Let’s start with… Favorite YouTube Artists Jay Lee teaches some pretty simple art techniques that result in really beautiful artwork. I don’t love everything that John Beckley does, but I’m often amazed at some of the techniques he comes up with. If you love abstract art, you’ll probably like this channel. Kanella Ciraco does mostly Dutch pours with acrylic paints. They’re quick, easy, and entertaining. My list of artists wouldn’t be complete without at least one watercolor artist. Makoccino shares some simple ideas and techniques for beginners. Mely D. is the first acrylic pour artist I subscribed […]
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