Y’all, I finally feel like we’re making some real progress on the kitchen. Why? Because things are in a complete state of chaos right now. That’s how you know real progress is being made. 😀 The first week-and-a-half was all about making new cabinet doors. All of that could be done outside and out of the way, so life inside went on in a normal way. The kitchen was completely usable with zero change, and it felt like there was no progress being made. Well, about halfway through this last week, all of that changed, starting with the removal of the dishwasher — a seemingly easy task that ended up requiring two trips to Home Depot. Then my mom started emptying cabinets (probably for the first time ever 😀 ), and covering every horizontal surface in the neighboring rooms with food items, cookware, bakeware, kitchen gadgets, etc. It was complete chaos, and it finally felt like progress! Then she proceeded to remove the cabinet doors (quite the chore since all of the hinges had been painted over), and the shelf liner that was probably as old as I am. We’re keeping the cabinet boxes, but because they’re original to this […]
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