Update 4-21-20: Matt and I are fine. Our cats and dog are fine. My mom is fine. My family is fine. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be back to blogging soon. Y’all, have you ever heard of this? Refinishing wood furniture with mayonnaise?! I’m being totally serious here. You’ll notice that today’s date is April 6th, so this isn’t an April Fool’s joke. Yesterday when I walked into my mom’s house (because we’re still working on her kitchen!!), she said, “Look at my dining table!” I glanced over, and noticed that for the first time since we started her kitchen makeover, the table was clear and usable. It wasn’t piled with dishes, bakeware, spices, etc., from the cabinets. I said, “Oh, wow! You have a usable table now!” But that wasn’t what she was trying to show me. What she wanted me to notice was that she had “refinished” her table. Several years ago, she had her dining table refinished, and it looked gorgeous when she got it back. But over the years, the top had been getting little chips in the finish. They were small, but these chips and dings were covering the surface of the table. Can you see all […]
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