Well, I don’t think the wall mural is going to happen in the guest bedroom. I’ve made two attempts, and neither one of them worked out. On the first one, I wanted to do something inspired by the Urban Outfitters mural that I shared in this post. I just loved the pink mountains and the trees. It started off okay. I knew I would never get mine to look as amazing as the actual wallpaper mural because I’m pretty sure the artist who did that one didn’t paint with latex wall paint. But I needed to cover a 14-foot wall, so using any kind of artist paint was out of the question. Anyway, it took forever to get the mountains to have anything even resembling that soft look of the inspiration wall mural… Trying to blend and soften and keep the paint wet enough to do those things is so incredibly difficult with latex wall paint. I used Floetrol, as well as some Liquitex Slo-Dri Blending Medium that is used with actual artist paints (but wall paint is acrylic, so I took a chance). But even with those things added, it was still drying too fast to get any really […]
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