How often do you check your car?

How often do you check your car?

I had my first driving lesson bang on my 17th birthday. I couldn’t wait to pass my driving test so I could have my own car!

My first car was a hand-me-down from my mum. It was a white Nissan Micra and I loved it. I loved the newfound freedom of being able to go anywhere at any time without having to walk to the bus stop and be able to meet up with friends spontaneously just because.


I went everywhere in my car and couldn’t live without it. Back then, other than driving the car, I knew nothing much about how to look after it. I was always forgetting to change the windscreen wash, I didn’t know know how to check the oil or change a tyre – these were not things that crossed my mind. Luckily I could call my dad to help with these things!

Fast forward to the present day, now with two children in tow things could not be more different. I now know how to add windscreen wash, check the oil AND change a tyre (just!) and remember when our MOT is due. Luckily you can easily check to see if your MOT has expired online. Our family car is a Vauxhall Zafira and Mr H regularly checks the car over, paying particular attention to the air pressure in our tyres as well as the tread depth – especially if we are going on a long journey.

Tyre tread is important for good grip on wet roads and safety is paramount when you drive let alone when also have children in the car. According to TyreSafe if your tyres do not meet the minimum tyre depth of 1.6mm you can be fined £2,500 and lose 3 points per tyre off your licence – something you do not want to have to fork out for and risk losing your licence for either.

Our local approved tyre service centre is somewhere you can go to for peace of mind. A professional can check your car over so you needn’t worry about driving around in an unsafe car.

When was the last time you checked your tyres?

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