How to use email marketing to create hype for your upcoming event in 3 easy steps

How to use email marketing to create hype for your upcoming event in 3 easy steps

When one thinks of event promotion, numerous strategies come to mind. There are conventional promotional means such as using flyers or promoting on mass media. There is also digital marketing that utilises online ads and social media. But not many will consider email marketing to be a viable tool for promoting an event. 

The truth is that email marketing is a wonderful tool for promoting an event. It has an incredible return on investment and allows you to target your audience directly. There are many ways using which you can use email marketing to promote your upcoming event and create hype. 

Launch campaigns

Product launches typically begin with emails being sent out containing information on what to expect, what kind of product is being released, and other details. A similar strategy can be adapted to event promotion as well. You may send out emails informing your audience about the upcoming event that may have details such as event dates, timings, location, etc. The goal is to generate interest among the public. You can easily create emails like these using PosterMyWall’s various coming soon email templates. These templates will make your job crafting your promotional emails easier since the basic structure is already there.

If you need an email on short notice, you can pick a design, make the necessary tweaks, and send your emails. Even if you are a complete novice at graphics design, PosterMyWall’s easy-to-use designer will allow you to make your emails in a matter of minutes.

In the example given below, the designer teases the upcoming event, a rave, by giving various details. They share the artists’ lineup and also tease the main event happening much later in the night. The design also includes a call to action which would redirect people to a website where they can buy tickets. Depending on the kind of event you wish to promote, something similar can work for you as well.

Invite with exclusive offers

People like it when they are getting greater value for their money. As such, when you invite them, give them something that helps create that perception. The easiest way to do that is with discount offers. You may offer discounts to your mailing list for the event, mostly on entry fees and such. This depends on the kind of event you’re promoting, so you’ll have to adapt accordingly. 

Another great way to do so, which works mostly across the board, is with early bird discounts. People who register for the event during a certain period before the event begins will enjoy some discount on registrations and such. You can also offer promo codes to do so. However, if you don’t feel that discounts are the way to go, then you may offer some merchandise to go along with it. 

The goal is to create an offer that creates a sense of greater value and compels the mailing list to attend. Any offer that achieves in doing so can work here. 

Make asking questions easier

No matter how much information you offer, there will always be people who will be confused regarding a certain aspect of the event. However, very few actually ask questions because they never muster up the courage to do so. In addition to redirecting your mailing list to a FAQ, you must actively invite them to ask questions about the event. Make the process of asking questions easy and hassle-free for your audience so they won’t hesitate to ask questions.

Include a contact form along with the emails that you send out. Or, at least redirect them to your website, where they can do so. Do mention that you are there to assist them in any way possible and will answer all their queries and concerns. You must make them comfortable and at ease that they actually take you up on the offer. This is important whenever you’re conducting email campaigns because questions mean the recipient is taking an interest. They checked out what you sent them and now have things they would like to be elaborated on or explained further. You can then answer their questions, send them more information, or invite them to meet with someone on-site. 

However, too many questions may mean that your initial emails were too difficult to understand or didn’t have enough information. So you may need to work on that if that happens.

Email marketing is often ignored by most promoters and advertisers. However, it is excellent for getting the job done and has a high return on investment. You will likely have to employ all techniques listed above to create a winning email marketing strategy to promote your event. Launch campaigns will build up interest and hype; offers will entice the audience to sign up, and answering any questions your audience has will instil confidence in the attendees.

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