When should a child start preschool?

When should a child start preschool?

In childhood, children experience step-by-step growth, with each stage having great importance in their development. Starting preschool is a great step for a child as it marks the beginning of formal education. Education systems vary, and as such, the age to join preschool may vary.

There are generally no strict guidelines on when a child should start preschool. The age is mainly between 3 years and five years. In some preschools, school begins at three years, while in many others, the starting age is four years. Some children join preschool later at the age of 5 years.

The age of joining preschool differs depending on different schools. As a parent, it is advisable to confirm with your preferred school the exact age to enrol your child. Children in most countries spend two years in preschool before continuing with the rest of their studies.

It is definite to state that there is no specific age for joining preschool. In some instances, some children join preschool at the age of two years. The general idea of preschool is a stage where a child begins to learn and mainly interact formally.

The choice of what exact age a child joins preschool highly depends on the parents or guardians. Parents choose to take children to preschool because they have reached the recommended age or can afford it. In some cases, children start preschool early because parents are busy and have to go to work. In other instances, children may join preschool late due to financial challenges where parents cannot cater school expenses.

Some parents are sceptical about having their children join preschool very early for beliefs that they may not settle in with older children. Each family or guardian, therefore, solely determines the age of joining preschool for their child.

In some education systems, children must attend preschool while it is okay to start with kindergarten or primary school. Preschool is, however, recommended as a good foundation for children to begin their education journey. Preschool is also a good way to boost the social life of a child.

Preschool is a good stage for children to improve their language and social skills. By the age of 3 or 4 years, not many children have perfect speech or have had many interactions to grow their social skills. At preschool, they meet their age mates and be with them as they grow and learn together.

Children get to build their confidence skills at preschool while still young. Studies have shown that children who attend preschool grow well socially and in communication. These children also become part of a community away from their families. That makes them grow beyond what they are already familiar with doing.

Preschool is designed to suit the learning needs of small children. This environment exposes children to effective learning systems and activities. By preschool age, the child’s brain is well developed and almost like the adult brain. However, the child needs exposure to understand things better and grow in knowledge.

It is the right age to learn basic counting and alphabet, which helps them write their names. Children also understand the structure, especially if they have been brought up within small family entities and have never been to daycare.

Children in preschool learn how to adhere to time and schedule. They learn to adjust to different things at different times, which is an important part of growth. They know simple tasks such as playing, gathering together to listen to stories, and when to stop.

Children also learn teamwork right from preschool. They learn to share and live together with others. It is also a stage for children to learn responsibilities such as handling their snacks, sharing, putting away toys after use, bathroom use, and more.

In preschools like Gowrie, the small children also learn how to be independent as they are guided on doing things by themselves. At the age of 3 to 5 years, children are mainly used to their parents or guardians doing so much for them. Preschool guides them on how to handle things and be independent as they will be years later.

In Conclusion

Preschool is a critical stage for children and depending on the ideal age for your school system. It is advisable to take your child through preschool. Whether at 3, 4, 5 years or below, a child can join preschool and be guided appropriately on every stage of learning.

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