Ideas for your kid’s party bag

Ideas for your kid’s party bag

Kids’ party bags are a great way to end any party, as they leave your guests with something to take home after all the excitement is over. While some kids may find something in their party bag to be an odd choice, such as a pencil or an eraser, it’s a thoughtful gesture that leaves them with something to remember the party with. If you’re throwing a kid’s party you’ll want to find the perfect party venue. This can be in your home; you could hire a hall or look at party venues in your local area. Square Meal UK has a handy list of event venues you an look to hire by location. You will also want to give your guests something more than just cheap toys and sweets in their party bag – we have ideas to help spark your own. Stuck for ideas? Don’t worry – we have you covered with 6 brilliant tips for what goes into your kids’ party bags. So read on for some ingenious inspiration…

Ideas for your kid’s party bag

A Craft kit

A craft kit is a great way to fill the kids’ party bags. These kits come in various themes and often include everything you need to create a couple of projects, from paint to glue. These kits are great for kids’ parties too as most kids enjoy creating something and having a keepsake from their party. They can also be a great activity at the party, which will keep the kids entertained while keeping them quiet and away from the food! These craft kits can be found at most supermarkets or arts and crafts stores. The great thing about these kits is that they come in various themes, so you can choose one that matches the party. If you are having a princess-themed party, craft kits are available that include everything you need to make princess crowns or tiaras.

Baking kit

Have you considered adding a baking kit to a party bag or as your party favour? Baking kits come with everything you need to make a couple of different types of threats, such as cookies or biscuits. Baking kits are great for kids’ parties as most kids enjoy baking and often have the option to decorate the treats. 

Baking kits are also a great activity to do at the party, or you can create a baking competition and let the kids vote for their favourite cookie. Baking kits can be found in most high street retailers or online. The great thing about these kits is that they come in various themes, so if you are having a superhero-themed party, baking kits are available that include everything you need to make cookies or mini cupcakes that look like capes for superhero masks.

Discount Voucher

Let’s be honest, most party bags are sugar-filled treasure troves for children, and many parents will appreciate something different. A discount voucher for a store, website or even the venue you host the party can be a great way to show your appreciation for attending the party and give the parents a fun way to occupy their children on another date. For example, if your party is in a soft play area or even the cinema, asking if they provide money off vouchers for parents to come back can help the venue increase visitors and offer parents a more affordable visit.


Books are ideal for party bags. Small, quick-read books or comics can be a great addition to a kid’s party bag and give the children something fun to do at home.

Kids of all ages can appreciate a good story. If you are being creative, you can choose puzzle books, quiz books, or even books to match the theme of the party, such as on different animals, and characters or even purchase personalised books with the kid’s name in them.


Why not include a small game or a puzzle into the party bag to keep little minds and fingers occupied once they get home? These days, party bags can be filled with pretty much anything – the bag doesn’t even have to be a bag, and a game in place of a party bag or inside the bag can be better than finding small plastic items that will probably end up being thrown out.

A personalised item

Personalised items are a great addition to kids’ party bags as they can be personalised with the guest of honour’s name, the party theme, or the date of the party. These items are also great as they are something kids can use for a long time after the party. You can purchase personalised items from most supermarkets or online stores. The great thing about these items is that they are wide-ranging, so there is something for every party theme and age group. You can find personalised items for younger children, such as T-shirts or personalised pencil cases. Other items are available for older kids, such as notebooks or water bottles.

So there you have it – 6 smart ideas for what goes into your kids’ party bags. Now you can relax knowing you have plenty of inspiration and ideas to help you fill those party bags. Remember, while some kids might have a favourite item in their party bags, the most important thing is that they have something to remember the party by.

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